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About E-DAY

E-Day is an Inter-Division Competition wherein a team of juniors from each division will come up with business ideas for a day and get investments for the same from investors (seniors from other division) through their elevator pitch. Through the investment they will be doing business for a day and division with the maximum profits will be awarded with a trophy.

Rules and Regulations

1) Investors- Team of maximum 4 seniors

2)Capital of maximum Rs.5000 will be provided through investors.

3)Investors can invest in maximum 2 companies subject to cumulative capital of maximum Rs. 5000

4)No Team can invest from his /her own pocket.

5)Each junior team (which qualifies 1st round) will be allocated 2 volunteers.

6)Investor can't invest in team belonging to same division to which he/she belongs to.

7)Profit / loss share will be negotiated between investors and the team members depending on their mutual understanding. (After the elevator pitch)

8)Money will be refunded to investors (depending on the profit/loss sharing agreement) by the team they have invested in. (Money should be returned on the same day after the results are declared)

Competition consists of two rounds

Round 1

Elimination round, consisting of elevator pitch (not more than 90 sec), where juniors will pitch their business idea to the investors. Only the teams that get funding from investors will qualify for Round 2.

Round 2

1)Execution of the business idea.

* For Round 1, each team has to be ready with a PPT (not more than 6 slides). The investors can ask for the same if they want to know further about the business. (There can be more than 1 teams from a single division.)

* Total number of teams selected for final i.e.Round 2 will depend upon investors' willingness to invest.

* Investors will invest at least 2 days prior to E Day.


The division with highest " cumulative net profit " will win the Rolling trophy.

Other prizes:

1. Best elevator pitch

2. The most innovative idea

3. The highest profit making business.


Selection by the investors on the basis of elevator pitch - 2 days prior to E Day.

Competition time - 10am to 5pm (7 hours).

Preparation should be done before 10am.



AISHWARYA: +919130274709
ANKIT: +919960790679
TUSHAR: +919764931383


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