1.      Library remains open from 8.00am to 7.00pm throughout the year except Sunday & University holidays

2.      T-shirt & Jeans pant are not allowed in the library.

3.      Use of library is strictly reserved for readers possessing a library Membership card.

4.      every person who enter in the library will sign the visitor register.

5.      Deposit your personal belongings at the property counter.

6.      Readers are not allowed to borrow books on the card of another reader.

7.      In case of lost book/Library card, it should be reported immediately in writing to the Library staff. if you want to issue new card then you have to pay Rs.25/- in Bank of Maharashtra.

8.      Outgoing publications will have to be shown to the person on duty at the gate.

9.      The marking and Defacing of any publication is strictly forbidden.

10.  Smoking, Eatables and Drinks are not allowed in the Library.

11.  Mobile phones to be switched off  or to be kept on Silent mode in the library premises.

12.  Without I-Card student are not allowed in the library.

13.  Replace the books taken for reference/reading after the use.

14.  Replace the chairs and switch off the light and fans after use.

15.  Every students will be issued 5 books at a time for 15 days. 2 times you can re-issue same books online before one day of due date. After due date you have to pay fine. (Rs. 5/- per day, per book).

16.  Journals, Project, & Thesis are only for reference & will not be issued.

17.  All readers are required to maintain discipline in the library.

18.  Library Staff will not be responsible for readers personal books.


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