302. Functional Specialization P-I


  • Books Recommended:-
  • 302 A:- Marketing Specialization Paper I- Product & Brand Management   Product Management by S.A. Chundwala- Himalaya Publication
    Strategic Brand Management by Kevin Lane Keller-Prentice Hall
    The Brand Management Checklist- Brad VanAuken- Kogan Page
    Brand Management- S.L. Gupta- Himalaya
    Branding Concepts & Process by Debashish Patil- Macmillan
    Brand Management by Varma, H.- Excel Books
    Successful Branding by Pran K Choudhary- University Press
    Brand Positioning Strategies for Competitive Advantage by Subrato Sen Gupta- Tata McGraw Hill
    Strategic Brand Management by Kapferer- Kogen Page
    Managing Indian Brands by S. Ramesh Kumar- Vikas Publication
 Note:- These questions papers & syllabus are only for Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA) students.

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Mid Term

302 A:- 2012-13

302 B:- 2012-13

302 E:- 2012-13

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End Term

302 A:- 2012-13,     2014-15

302 B:- 2012-13      2014-15

302 C:- 2012-13

302 D:- 2012-13      2014-15

302 E:- 2012-13      2014-15

  • Books Recommended:-
  • 302 B:- Finance Specialization Paper I- Advanced Financial Management
  1. Managerial Finance by Lawrence J. Gitman
  2. Financial Management by Rustagi
  3. Essentials of Financial Management by I. M. Pandey- Vikas Publishing
  4. Financial Management by Subhindra Bhat
  5. Financial Management by I.M. Pandey- Vikas Publishing
  6. Financial Management by Khan & Jain- Tata McGraw Hill
  7. Financial Management by S.M. Inamdar
  8. Financial Management by N.M.Vechlekar- Nirali Pakashan
  9. Financial Management by S.C. Kuchal
  10. Financial Management & Policy by R.M. Shrivastava
  11. Financial Management by Prasanna Chandra
  12. Accounting and Analysis the Indian Experience 2007- Global Data Services of India Ltd.
  13. Financial Analysis of Indian Companies- GDSIL










  • Books Recommended:-
  • 302 C:- System Specialization Paper I- Computer environment & technology 
  1. Decision Support and Data Warehouse System- Efrem Mallach- Tata McGraw Hill
  2. Data warehousing fundamentals by Raulraj Ponniah- Wiley
  3. Excel models for business and operations management by John Barlow- Wiley
  4. Information Technology by Turban-Rainer-Potter- Wily.
  5. Applied Data Mining by Paolo Giudici- Wiley
  6. Web Programming- Thomson
  7. Data Communication and Computer Networks by Rajneesh Agrawal, Bharat Bhushan Tiwari- Vikas
  8. Data Mining by Adriaans Zantinge- Pearson Educaiton
  9. Computer Ethics by Deborah G. Johnson- Pearson Education
  10. Grid Computing by Joseph/Fellenstein- Pearson Education
  11. Data warehousing in the real world by Anahory/Murray- Pearson Education
  12. Real time embedded systems and components by Sam Siewert- Thomson
  13. Ethics in Information Technology by Reynolds- Thomson
  14. Principles of Information Systems by Stair/ Reynolds- Thompson
  15. Principles of Information Security by Whitman and Mattord- Thomson Learning
  16. Frontiers of Electronic Commerce by Kalakota Whinston- Pearson Education


  • Books Recommended:-
  • 302 D:- Operation Specialization Paper I- Operation Planning & Control
  1. Manufacturing Planning and Control for Supply Chain Management by Thomas E. Vollman; William L.Berry; D Cay Whybark and F Roberts Jacob - Tata McGraw Hill
  2. Production Planning Control and Integration by Daniel Sipper, Robert L, Bulfin, Jr- McGraw Hill
  3. Production Planning and Inventory Control. by Seetharama L Narsimhan, Dennis WcLeavy; Peter J Billington- Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd.
  4. World Class Production and Inventory Management by Landvater Darry V- John Wiley & Sons
  5. Quantitative Models for Production Management by H.J.Zimmermann, M.G. Sovereign, Englewood Cliffs N J- Prentice Hall
  6. Manufacturing Planning and Control: A reference model- Biemans F.P.M.- Elsevier, Newyork






  • Books Recommended:-
  • 302 E:- HR Specialization Paper I- HR Administration & Information Systems
  1. Personal Administration by Paul Pigors and Charles Mayers
  2. Dynamic Personnel Administration by M.N.Rudrabasavraj
  3. Personal Administration Handbook by Wilbert Schar
  4. Human Resource Management by Stephen Robbins
  5. Personnel Management by Arun Monappa
  • Books Recommended:-
  • IB Specialization Paper I- IB Environment & Global Competitiveness
  1. International Business by Czinkota, Ronkainen, Moffett, Thomson
  2. International Business by Hill & Jain- Tata McGraw Hill
  3. International Business Management by Aswathappa- Tata McGraw Hill
  4. International Management by Phatak, Bhagat & Kashlak- Tata McGraw Hill
  5. The Oxford handbook of International Business by Rugman- Oxford University Press
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