303 Functional Specialization P-II

Books Recommended:-
  • Marketing Specialization Paper II: Integrated Marketing Communication
  1. Integrated Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Communication by Clow & Baack- Pearson
  2. Promotions and Integrated Marketing Communications by Richard Semantic- Thomson Learning
  3. Advertising and Promotions by Belch & Belch- Tata McGraw Hill
  4. Otto Kllipner's Advertising Procedure - Prentice Hall
  5. Advertising, Sales and Promotion Management by SSH Kazmi- Excel Books
  6. Advertising by Frank Jerkins- Prentice Hall
  7. Advertising and Promotion: An integrated Marketing Communications perspective- Tata McGraw Hill
  8. Contemporary Advertising by William Fares- Irwin/McGraw Hill
  9. Advertising Management by Rajiv Batra, John G Myers, David Aaker
  10. Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy
  11. Advertising Management by David Oglivy
  12. Advertising Management by Manendra Mohan
  13. Advertising Principles & Practices by Willium Wells, John Burnett, Sandra Moriarty.









 Note:- These questions papers & syllabus are only for Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA) students.

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Mid Term

303 (A):- 2012-13

303 (B):- Old Questions Paper,  ,  2012-2013 ,

         Backlog 2013

303 (C):- Old Questions Papers

303 (D):- Old Questions paper2012- 2013 ,

303 (E):- Old Questions papers , 2012-2013,

303 (F):-

Term End

303 (A):- 2012-13;      2014-15

303 (B):- 2012-13;      2014-15

303 (C):- 2012-13

303 (D):- 2012-13;      2014-15

303 (E):- 2012-13;      2014-15

303 (F):-

Books Recommended:-
  • System Specialization Paper II: Business Applications of IT
  1. Excel Models for business and operations management by John Barlow- Wiley
  2. Computer Simulation in Management Science by Michael Pidd- Wiley
  3. Modeling the Supply Chain by Jeremy Shapiro -Thomson.






Books Recommended:-
  • Human Resources Specialization Paper II: Performance Management Systems
  1. Human Resource Management by K. Ashwathappa- Himalaya
  2. Human Resource Management by I.M.Prasad
  3. Human Resource Management by Gary Dessler- Pearson Education
  4. Human Resource Management by Evanswitch




Books Recommended:-
  • Financial Specialization Paper II: Financial Services
  1. Relevant text of SEBI guidelines
  2. Indian Financial Services by M.Y.Khan
  3. Marketing of Financial Services by Audhani
  4. Advance Financial Management by Kohak
  5. Financial Markets and Services by Gordon & Natrajan
  6. Financial Markets+Institutions by Fredric S. Mishkin & Stanley G. Eakins
  7. Management of Financial Services by Bhalla, V.K.
  8. Indian Financial System by H.R. Machiraj
  • Website References-
  1. www.nse-india.com
  2. www.bseindia.com
  3. www.icicidirect.com
  4. website of HDFC securities
  5. www.indiainfoline.com
  6. www.moneycontrol.com
  7. www.sharekhan.com
  8. www.economictimes.com
  9. www.MCXindia.com
  10. www.suchetadalal.com
  11. SEBI, AMFI websites








Books Recommended:-
  • Operations Specializations Paper II: Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  1. Textbook of Supply Chain and Logistics Management by D.K.Agrawal- Macmillan
  2. Designing and Managing the Supply Chain- Concepts, Strategies and Case Studies by David Simchi-Levi, Philip Kaminski- Tata MacGraw Hill
  3. The Management of Business Logistics- A Supply Chain Perspective by Coyle, Bardi & Langley- Thomson, Southwest
  4. Managing The Supply Chain- A Strategic Perspective- Gattorna and Walters Palgrave
  5. Supply Chain Management- Strategy, Planning and Operation by Sunil Chopra, Peter Meindl- Pearson Education
  6. Logistics and Supply Chain Management- Martin Christopher- Pearson Education
  7. Principles of Supply Chain Management- A Balanced Approach by Wisner, Leong, Tan-Thomson Southwestern









Books Recommended:-
  • IB Specialization Paper II: International Marketing
  1. International Marketing by R.M.Joshi, OUP.
  2. Global Marketing Management by K.Lee,
  3. International Marketing- Cateora
  4. Managing International Marketing- Varkey
  5. Creating Market across the Globe: Strategies for Business Excellence- Korwar
  6. Essence of International Marketing- Stan Paliwoda
  7. Global Marketing Management by Warren J. Keegan
  8. International Marketing Management- Subhash Jain
  9. International Marketing Micheal- R. Czinkota, IIKKa a Ronkainen
  10. International Business- P.Subba Rao








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