404 Functional Specialization P-VI

Books Recommended:-

404 (A): Marketing Strategy and Rural Marketing

  1. Strategic Marketing Management by Aaker, David
  2. Principles of Marketing by Kotler, Philip & Gary Armstrong
  3. Competitive Strategy by Porter, Michael E.
  4. Essentials of Marketing by Lancaster, Geoff
  5. Marketing Strategy by Walker, Boyd & Larrech, Mullins
  6. Agri- Business Marketing by Bhave, S.D.
  7. Cases in Rural Marketing by Krishnamacharyulu & Ramakrishnan
  8. Rural Marketing by Gopalaswamy, T.P.
  9. Marketing Strategy by Ferrell & Hartline










 Note:- These questions papers & syllabus are only for Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA) students.

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Mid Term

404 (A) H:- 2012, 2013-14

404 (B) H:- 2013-14

              Backlog 2013

404 (C) H:- 2013-14

404 (D) H:-2012  2013-14

404 (E):-20122013-14

         Backlog 2013

404 (E) H:- 2012









End Term

404 (A):-  Nov.2011, 2012;Nov.2015

404 (B):-  Nov.2011, 2012, 2014

404 (C):-

404 (D):-  Nov.2011 , 2012-2013










Books Recommended

404 (B): Financial Institutions and Markets

  1. Financial Institutions & Markets by Bhole, L.M.
  2. Indian Financial System by Khan, M.Y.
  3. Relevant text of SEBI guidelines
  4. Marketing of Financial Services by Audhani
  5. Advance Financial Management by Kohak
  6. Financial Markets and Services by Gordon and Natrajan
  7. Financial Markets+ Institutions by Mishkin, Fredric S. & Eakins, Stanley G.
  8. Management of Financial Services by Bhalla, V.K.
  9. Indian Financial System by Machiraju, H.R.








Books Recommended

404 (C): (Coming Soon)














Books Recommended

404 (D): Strategic Manufacturing and Operations Management

  1. Operations Strategy by Walters, David- Palgrave & Macmillan
  2. Operations Management for Competitive Advantage by Chase
  3. Competitive Manufacturing Management by Nicholas
  4. Manufacturing Strategy by Hill, Terry
  5. Strategic Operations Management by Brown, Steeve; Lamming, Richard; Bessant, John & Jones, Peter
  6. Competitive Strategy by Porter, M.E.
  7. Operations Management by Hill, Terry
  8. Production & Operations Management by Upendra, Kacharu
  9. JIT in Manufacturing by Koregaonkar, M.G.- MacMillan
  10. Managing Technology & Innovation for Competitive Advantage by Narayanan
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