503 Functional Specialization P-VIII

Note:- These questions papers & syllabus are only for Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA) students.

Question papers                                                                 syllabus (Coming soon)

Books Recommended:-

503 (A) International Marketing

  1. International Marketing by Cateora.
  2. Managing International Marketing by Varkey.
  3. Creating Market across the globe: Strategies for business excellence  by Korwar.
  4. Essence of International Marketing by Stan Paliwoda.
  5. International Marketing by Vasudeva.
  6. Global Competitiveness by Ajitabh.
  7. Global Marketing Management by Warren J. Keegan.
  8. International Marketing Management by Jain, Subhash.

503 A (New) Marketing Research & Consumer Behavior  (Coming Soon)

503 (B) Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

  1. Portfolio Management by Kevin
  2. Portfolio Management by Barua
  3. Stock Exchange & Investments by Raghunathan
  4. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management by S.Bhat
  5. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management by Punithavathy Pandian
  6. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management by Fisher and Jordon

503 (C) Information, Network Security and Intellectual Property (Coming Soon)

503 (D) World Class Manufacturing

  1. World class manufacturing: Strategic Perspective. by Sahay, B.S.; Saxena, KBC & Ashish Kumar.
  2. Making common sense common practice: Models for manufacturing excellence. by Moore, Ron (Butter worth Heinmann)
  3. The Toyota way by Liker, Jeffrey K. (Tata McGraw Hill)
  4. Operations Management for Competitive Advantage by  Chase.
  5. Making Common Sense Common Practice by Moore
  6. Managing Technology & Innovation for Competitive Advantage by Narayanan.
  7. Just in Time Manufacturing by Korgaonkar, M.G.
  8. Machine that changed the world by Womack.

503 D/F Strategy for World Class Operations

503 (E) Organizational Development

  1. Organization Development by French & Bell
  2. Changing Organizations by Warren Bennis
  3. Organizational Development by Vendell L. French

503 E New:- Labour Law (Coming Soon)

Mid Term

503 (A):- 2012-13 old; 

503 (B):- Old questions Papers

        (B) H:- 2012-2013

503 (C):-

503 (D) H:- 2012-13

503 (E) H:- 2012-13;    

          Internal Backlog 2013









 Term End

503 (A):- 2012-13;   Feb.2015

503 (A) New:- 2017

503 (B) New :- Feb.2017

503 (C):- 2012-13;

503 C New:- Feb.2017

503 (D):- 2012-13

503 D/F New:- Feb. 2017

503 (E):- 2012-13 Old;

503 E New:- 2017

503 (E) H:- Feb.2016;

503 F:- Feb.2015










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