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MBA ++

101 Principles & Practices of Management 201 Marketing Management 301 Entrepreneurship Development & Project Management
102 Management Accounting (Old)/ Managerial Economics 202 Financial Management 302 Functional Specialization P-I
103 Managerial Economics (Old)/ Legal Aspects of Business 203 Management Information Systems 303 Functional Specialization P-II
104 Statistical & Quantitative Methods (Old)/ Business Statistics 204 Operations Management 304 Functional Specialization P-III
105 Legal Aspects of Business 205 Human Resource Management 305 Functional Specialization P-IV
106 Organizational Behavior 206 International Business Management (Old) / QT 306 Sectoral Specialisation Paper I
  207 Research Methodology 307 Economic Environment of Business
401 Business Policies & Strategic Management 501 Managing for Excellence  
402 Management Control Systems 502 Functional Specialization P-VII (Old)/ Managing for Excellence
403 Functional Specialization P-V 503 Functional Specialization P-VIII
404 Functional Specialization P-VI 504 Sectoral Specialization P-IV
405 Sectoral Specialization P-II 505 Sectoral Specialization P-V  
406 Sectoral Specialization P-III 506 Foreign Language
408 Personnel Administration Introduction to Human Rights & Duties
409 Production & Material Management Human Rights of Vulnerable & Disadvantaged Groups

MBA Biotechnology

101-Principles and Practices of Management

201-BT Plant Management & PPC

301-Project Management

102- Basics of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

202-Research Methodology and Biostatistics

302-IPR, Legal Aspects and Technology Transfer

103- Managerial Economics

203- Basics of Finance

303-Business Policy & Strategic Management

104- Basics of Marketing

204-Organization Development and Organization Behavior

304-Entrepreneurship Development & IKM

105-Managerial Accounting

205-HRM in Hi Tech Environment

305- Marketing Specialization I

106-Materials and Logistics Management

206-Simulation and Optimization

306- Marketing Specialization II


309- HR Specialization I

401- Business Ethics and Value Management

310- HR Specialization II

402-Safety and Hazard Management in BT

311- Operations Specialization I

403- Socio Economic Environment & Technology 312- Operations Specialization II

404- Emerging Trends in Biotechnology

408. Personnel Administration HR SPL-III

405- Business Development


406- Marketing Management SPL-III

407- Advanced Financial Management and Cost Accounting

409-Production & Material Management SPL-III

MBA Executive

101- Principles of Management & Organizational Behavior

304 (A) Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior

403 (C) Labor Legislation

403 (D) Advance Project Management

102- Financial & Management Accounting

304 (B) Company's Act /(Old) Legal and Procedural Aspects of Finance

403 (F) International Regulatory Environment & Business Operations

103- Managerial Economics

304 (C) Training Development & Performance Management

403 (E): Strategic IT Mgmt. & Technology Information Tech.

104- Statistical Methods & Research Methodology

 304 (D) Logistics and Supply Chain Management

404 (A) Services Marketing & CRM

105- Legal Aspects of Business

304 (E) Business Applications of IT

404 (B) Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

201 - Marketing Management  304 (F) International Marketing 404 (C) Strategic HRM
202 - International Business Management 305 (A) Sales and Distribution Management 404 (D) Strategic Manufacturing & Operations Management
203 - Human Resource Management 305 (B) Corporate Finance /(Old)Financial Institutions and Markets

404 (E) Software Engineering

204 - Operation Management 305 (C) Industrial Relations

404 (F) International Logistics & Supply Chain Management

205- Management Information System 305 (D) Quality and Technology Management 405 (A) Integrated Marketing Communication
301- Business Policies and Strategic Management 305 (E) Human Resource Management & Infrastructure Management for IT 405(B) Risk Management & Taxation Law
302- International Business Management / (Old) Advance Financial Management 305 (F) International Finance 405(C) Organization Development
303- (A) Product Management & Services Marketing /(Old) Product and Brand Management 401- Management Control Systems 405(C) Organization Behavior
303- (B) Financial Services 402- Business Environment & Management for Excellence 405(D) World Class Manufacturing
303 (C) HR Administrations & social security schemes 402 (B)- Functional Effective 405(E )Information System Audit & Control
 303 (D) Operations Planning and Control 402- International Business Management 405(F) International Diversity Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
303 (E) Computing Environment & Technology 403 (A) International Marketing


303 (F) International Business Environment & Global Competitiveness 403 (B) International Finance


























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