102. Management Accounting


Books Recommended:-
  1. Introduction to Management Accounting by Horngreen and Sundlem- Pearson Education.
  2. Principles of Management Accounting by Manmohan & Goyal
  3. Cost and management Accounting by Inamdar, S.M.
  4. Management Accounting by Dr. Mahesh Kulkarni
  5. Double Entry Book Keeping by Grewal, T.S.- S. Chand & Company
  6. Principles and Practice of Cost Accounting by Ashish K. Bhattacharya
  7. Management Accounting by Khan & Jain- Tata McGraw Hill
  8. Theory & Problems in Management & Cost Accounting by Khan & Jain, Tat McGraw Hill
  9. Cost Accounting by Jawaharlal, Himalaya
  10. Accounting and Analysis the Indian Experience 2004- Global Data Services of India Ltd.
  11. Management Accounting by Pande Kumar, Excel Books
  12. Management Accounting- DRUDY (Thomson Learning)
  13. Cost Accounting by Dutta- Pearson Education
  14. Financial Accounting by Tulsian
  15. Advanced Management Accounting by Robert S Kaplan & Anthony A. Atkinson
  16. Management Accounting by Hansen, Thomson Lerarning
Note:- These questions papers & syllabus are only for Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA) students.

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102. Managerial Economics

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