201. Marketing Management

Books Recommended:-
  1. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler- Pearson Education
  2. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler & Kevin Lane Keller- Pearson Education
  3. Fundamentals of Marketing by Stanton
  4. Marketing Management by Rajan Saxena- Tata McGraw Hill
  5. Marketing Management by S.Ramaswamy and S. Namakumari, McMillan India.
  6. Marketing Management by Arun Kumar and Meenaxi- Vikas Publishing
  7. Marketing Concepts and Cases by Michael J.Etzel, Bruce J.Walker, William J.Stanton, Ajay Pandit.
  8. Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong- Prentice Hall of India.
  9. Marketing Models by Lilien & Kotler & Moorthy- Prentice Hall.
  10. Marketing Management by B.V. Sangvikar, S.V.Kadavekar, Ravindra Deshmukh, C.M.Joshi, Biyani Diamond.
  11. Marketing Management by TK Panda- Excel Books
  12. Case studies in Marketing- Indian Context by R.Srinivas, Prentice Hall of India.
  13. Case study solutions by H.Kaushal, McMillan
  14. Marketing Management by Czinkota (Thomson)
  15. Basic Marketing by William D. Perreault Jr.
  16. Marketing- Chunawalla.
 Note:- These questions papers & syllabus are only for Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA) students.

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