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Dhruv'20 - What If..?

The world has been organized in a way that we are bound to follow patterns that are pre-defined for us. The world has seen so techtonic shifts that we started thinking about the endless possibilities that could have been a thing in the past or can happen in the future. We think about so many things that could have a different perspective or outcomes, but have we ever thought that what world would be like if it was twisted according to our fantasies.

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The Events

01. Cultural Events
02. Management Events
03. Sports Events

Cultural Events

Understanding the culture of a nation, people, or group—the arts, beliefs, customs, values, and social behaviors—lies at the heart of Dhruv. By participating in cultural events, students experiences firsthand the diverse offerings of culture and artistic expression found in a community.

Education lies beyond the walls of the classroom. Watching a play performed live is quite a different experience than reading a play from a book.

By inviting you to participate in various events, we can all witness the unique talented leaders from multiple management schools who can prove themselves through Dancing, Singing and Ramp walk performances, which can shape many perspectives of our diverse culture.


Management Events are the simulation of events used for the purpose of team building, to gain practical experience and encourage new ways of thinking.

They are carried out for different arena's such as General Management, Marketing, Finance etc. Students belonging to finance, marketing, operations and other related fields take part in these events that involves skills similar to those of real life business problems.


Multiple opportunities come in each battle and the Sports events in Dhruv’20 are organized to bring out the best in you, who have the ability to not only grab the opportunity, but to prove they are the best. Sports are a way of building on to multiple attributes of a management leader, Dhruv’20 invites talented management students to battle in various indoor and outdoor games such as Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Throwball, Box Cricket League, Tug of War, Chess, Carrom and Table Tennis. Dhruv’20 allows you to bring out your talent and show it off! Battle it out and prove yourself.

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