Course Structure


Department of Management Sciences, Savitribai Phule Pune University (PUMBA) believes in the philosophy of learning by working on real life challenges. Students learn management by applying the conceptual knowledge earned through rigorous training sessions in business-like situations. These are simulated on campus by the inherent work culture and result driven principles that have become synonymous with PUMBA.

PUMBA has introduced CREDIT SYSTEM with TRIMESTER PATTERN for its MBA course from the academic year 2004-05.

Major Course Highlights

100 Credit Courses spread over Six Trimesters (22 months)

Specializations offered in 5 functional areas: Marketing, Finance, Systems, Human Resource, and Operations.

Four Cafeteria Elective Courses (2-Interdisciplinary/ General and 2-Specialization related to be selected from a pool of such courses announced by the department).

Continuous Evaluation and Assessments

The first two trimesters prepare a strong base in various subjects such as Finance, Marketing, Systems, Human Resource, Operations as well as Communications Skill, Information Technology, Quantitative Skills, etc.

The salient features of the MBA Programme

  • Name of the University Degree: Masters in Business Administration MBA
  • Duration: TWO Years consisting of SIX Trimesters.
  • 100 Credits of Evaluation.
  • Number of Specialisations: TWO (1 Major and 1 Minor Specialization-At least one out of these two specialization must be from Marketing and Finance.)
    • Specialisations available are:
      Marketing, Finance, Systems, Operations, Human Resources, International Business
  • Number of Projects: FOUR (2 Group and 2 Individual).

    • Group Projects : One Industrial and One Social
    • Individual Projects :
      Summer Training (50 Days Duration)
      Internship / Pre-Placement Training (100 Days Duration)
  • Syndicate Activities for Professional Development.
  • Training and development: Extra training sessions related to GD/PI, Domain Knowledge, and General Awareness etc.