Roles and Responsibilities

We aim to connect, inform and engage the alumni, the students and the institute with each other for the purpose of generating a multifaceted support for PUMBA. Our ambassadors to the corporate world, PUMBA alumni continue to bring laurels to their alma mater, through the accolades they garner in their chosen fields and organizations.

We at PUMBA are continuously working to not only maintain but also enhance our relationship with the alumni and increase our alumni base by reaching out to the esteemed Alumni through various activities undertaken by the cell.

Moreover we maintain an extensive database of alumni which aids us to address and organise ‘silver jubilee’ reunions where our alumni come together and revive pleasant memories of the past time they spent at PUMBA. We take pride in maintaining relationships with the alumni and fostering them to its zenith. We maintain a detailed database of alumni graduated from pumba since 1971.