The main objective of cultural team is to organise events showcasing the hidden talents and passions of students besides their regular studies. Following events were conducted under this team:-

  1. Rock the Mic: A singing event, as pumbaites believe that the only thing better than singing is more singing.

    The event is divided into two parts:
    i) Solo Singing
    ii) Antakshari

  2. Dhruv consists of 4 cultural events:

    i) Saregamapa(solo singing): where singers from various colleges participate to showcase their talent.
    ii) Beat It(Battle of Bands):Where every participating band rocks d stage with music.
    iii) Boogie Woogie( Group dance):Since teamwork lasts beyond academics.
    iv) Mayanagari(Fashion Show): Where Fashion and Social message unite.


The Sports Team of PUMBA organizes, conducts and manages Sports events inviting students from various B-schools, giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents and passion towards different kinds of Sports, bringing in a Sporty environment besides their regular studies.

  1. Cricket
  2. Table Tennis
  3. Volleyball
  4. Tug of War
  5. Throwball
  6. Futsal
  7. Chess
  8. Box Cricket

1. Rogue Traders: Its a game based on virtual trading. The event was conducted in 2 sessions where under one session there were 4 Teams and in the second there were 3 teams.
2. Deal Ya No Deal: This game is based on the IPL Auction.
3. Legends of the Hidden Temple: This was treasure hunt event which had two rounds. It is held at PUMBA Auditorium.
4.Case in Point: This is a case study solving event.
5. Scraphead Wars and Ad-zap: It is a live magazine and advertisement competition.