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A B-School is many things to many people. While some join a B-School to get the much coveted MBA degree, others join it with a view of landing dream jobs. Given the state of affairs that exists today, one can’t be blamed for thinking of B-Schools as mere launching pads to get those desired breaks in the corporate world.

We, a team of 17 members help them take their first step in to the corporate world providing them an opportunity to develop a whole new relationship with the corporate world.

We act as an interface between the Industry and the Department furthermore the result of the consistent efforts put in by the students to groom themselves to face the Competition in the Industry and our efforts is proved in the consistent 95% placements achieved over the years. To repeat this performance year after year is not just our goal, it's our passion. It's the one thing that drives us to challenge ourselves. It's what helps us to deliver the best. Tirelessly aiming to achieve what others perceive as impossible.

Our interaction with the industry helps us understand their requirements and expectations, which need to be inculcated in the students to help them in becoming more efficient to face the tough competition in the current recruitment scenario. Our interaction also helps the department in conducting various activities like Seminars, Workshops, Meets, etc. in coordination with the other student bodies. This helps the students in keeping themselves updated with the recent happenings in the Industry.

We also help the corporate world to find the right people for the right job. To facilitate this, we keep them updated about the current happenings in the department.

We would like to express our gratitude to the esteemed organizations in various sectors like Manufacturing, Banking, Biotechnology, Automobile, Insurance, Advertising & Media, Hospitality, FMCG, IT & Telecom, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Retail, and many more for giving our students a stepping stone into the Industry. At the same time, we would like a like to extend a warm welcome to you for the Summer Recruitment Programme 2016.

MBA General: Student Coordinators 2015-17

Final Placement :-

Summer Internship :-


File Coordinators
Name Designation/File Contact No Email
Snehal Ragit Mumbai Existing & PR Coordinator 91-7709477217
Manik Talele Mumbai Existing 91-7276081814
Rashmi Warade Mumbai Existing 91-9762836573
Sohail Kulkarni Mumbai Existing 91-8149037102
Pratik Poddar Mumbai Existing 91-8149108238
Meenal Bharade Pune Existing 91-9175268531
Vinaya Kasture Pune Existing 91-8956657521
Rahil Parab Pune Existing & SCF Coordinator 91-9821301616
Ramesh Kapala Pune Existing 91-9172174606
Nikheel Tijare Pune New 91-9579223716
Gauri Jadhav Pune New 91-9604995600
Suraj Bhandgar Pune New 91-8275451495
Ashish Jethwa Mumbai New 91-9689819316
Devaki Joshi Mumbai New 91-9767122374
Jaspreet Singh Arora Mumbai New & Coordinator in special capacity 91-9801154547
Hitesh Kanjan PAN India 91-9167244011
Akash Tayade PAN India 91-9890361626

MBA Bio-Tech: Student Coordinators 2014 -16

Email Id:

Region Coordinator Contact No Email
Akshay Malunjkar Mumbai 91-9960237591
Madhur Gaikwad Pune and ROM 91-9960158709
Renu Negi Delhi 91-9762270459 mbabt.delhi@gmail.comi
Aniruddha Nelugal Hyderabad 91-8087457094
Akash Mhaskar Bangalore and Chennai 91-9975439673