"Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade" - Benjamin Franklin

Dear recruiter,

Following the words of wisdom by great leaders, we, at PUMBA believe in dedicating ourselves to a multifaceted journey of exploration of our latent skills and talents. A combination of versatile pedagogy, state of art infrastructure and consistent focus on overall personality development is what makes PUMBA stand out as makers of industry ready MBA graduates.

The institute attracts applicants with variety of backgrounds, including disciplines like engineering, commerce, art studies and pharmacy. PUMBA thus possesses mix of talents with students keen on not only pursuing academic excellence but also nurturing extracurricular skills.

At PUMBA, an academic course structure, inculcating basic functional skills, is reinforced by sectorial specialization subjects which help students of PUMBA to grasp the contemporary knowledge of specific sector like Engineering, IT, Healthcare or Banking and Insurance. This blend of fundamental and contemporary skills prepares students to perform better when they join corporate world.

Since 1971, PUMBA has a legacy of producing brilliant students who now hold crucial positions such as Vice Presidents, CXOs, General Managers in different organizations and have lead their organizations to newer heights of success and growth.

We invite you to PUMBA to absorb the refined and well trained talent into your organization and create a long lasting relationship for mutual growth.